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I’m a French student who decided to stay in the US when she was supposed to go back. Here is my experience as a non-exchange student, as a foreigner, as a woman, as an intern. Welcome to the Amerifrench life!

This time of the year again…

Last year, I had to participate in a little Thanksgiving game. I’ve decided to redo it this year, except that instead of one letter, I did it with the whole alphabet. So, here we go. What I’m thankful for, by … Continue reading

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It’s time for scares It’s time for screams It’s Halloween!

Halloween is an all-USA-party. I never liked it – except for the chocolate part. Then, I moved to the US and OH LOVE! I just wished I had known some things before going there… I wished I had known I … Continue reading

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Rules for dramatic girls

My friend Ana and I love to complain about one special thing: GIRLS! Not only girls though: we like to complain about cliché American girls acting their lives. My question: Girls, why do you need to be so dramatic? Girls, … Continue reading

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Tip, I hate you.

I went back to France for a while and it was wonderful. Everything was wonderful, of course, it was home. I got to eat food without cinnamon, take the bus, be strong and not use the bathroom for a whole … Continue reading

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They don’t do dreadlocks

Sometimes, you go to the hairdresser and you tell me “do what you want, I trust you Joe” (because he’s called Joe) Sometimes it’s nice, you’re glad. Some other times, you just hate Joe, you could killed him simply with … Continue reading

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