They don’t do dreadlocks

Sometimes, you go to the hairdresser and you tell me “do what you want, I trust you Joe” (because he’s called Joe) Sometimes it’s nice, you’re glad. Some other times, you just hate Joe, you could killed him simply with the amount of hair he cut. Well, you know what? Relax! We’re talking about a haircut here. Taking risks can be fun, for you and, pretty often, even more for your friends (except dreadlocks. dreadlocks are forbidden)

But by taking risks, I mean, when you can fix them.

As soon as I arrived here I saw some irreparable horrible mistakes on almost everyone I met: tattoos.

For almost all the people I met before coming here, a tattoo means a decision thought for maybe several years.

After moving to one of the most-tattooed city in the US, I realized that a tattoo could also be a “I’m bored” decision. When they get bored, some people go to the gym (oh yes!), others cook, read, paint etc. Some go get a tattoo. If it’s the reflection of their day, I cannot even imagine…

Anyway. I’ve met several people who could not tell me how many tattoo they had. I’ve met people who told me they would never ever have a tattoo and got one a few months after.

I’ve always been scared of getting a tattoo. I don’t want to ink my skin now and realize in a few years that I grew up and don’t like it anymore. Plus, I might faint. But after being here, I realize that some people don’t give a damn and think they won’t grow up anymore (and for some of them, let’s face it, I basically agree)

These people are my favorite people in the world.

I love being in class and seeing two dolphins jumping in front of a sunset. I love walking and seeing skins inked with the Chiefs logo (seriously, the Chiefs?). I love seeing people trying to write things in French “because it’s romantic” and read what they actually wrote. Yes, I love these people.

They don’t do dreadlocks, but they do tattoos…

(found the image on google)


About Leslie Is Hungry

I’m a French student who decided to stay in the US when she was supposed to go back. Here is my experience as a non-exchange student, as a foreigner, as a woman, as an intern. Welcome to the Amerifrench life!
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6 Responses to They don’t do dreadlocks

  1. Shannon says:

    Hahaha. Great. I have tattoos, I don’t regret them, I did think of them a year before getting them. I don’t think I will ever get another tattoo thanks to all the other tattoos in KC. However since moving here I’ve starting wanting one again. But again I make myself think of it for at least a year before deciding. The other day while at an awful bar (Ayer’s on Rue Désiré) I saw a young Frenchmen covered in tattoos. Many of his tattoos said really dumb things in English. The one sprawled across his chest read “Enjoy life”. He thought he looked so cool and I suspect even thought that I was impressed. But I just thought poor delusional French boy. The worst I saw was in class at UMKC last year, unfortunately I can’t remember what it said but it was RIDICULOUS!

    • UMKC is the best place on Earth, the tattoos I’m talking about actually exist and they always made my days!
      I love your tattoo, it means a lot and I think it’s a nice way to remember your dreams.
      My roommate’s sister was looking for a sentence to write in French and she came across so many ridiculous “French” tattoos with awful mistakes, it was wonderful!

      Also, seriously Shannon, Ayers ? What happened to you? =D No wonder you saw stupid people there haha!

  2. I knew someone who got a tattoo of a dolphin on her stomach. And then she got pregnant. When she delivered, the nurses commented on her lovely whale tattoo.

  3. Laure says:

    But even if it’s a quickly made decision, it can be an ever lasting memory of that moment, and some people can like it: “oh look, wasn’t I so silly at that time?”. I think it’s cool to accept who you are, but also who you were, and to keep a tiny place for it on your skin. For example, one of my ex roommate got so many tattoos (a bottle of whisky, cisors and hairdryer (she’s a hairdresser)…). And even a tattoos on her ankle saying “happy new years” (I let you imagine in which conditions she had it…). But, even if I think it’s ridiculous and that I would NEVER have something like this on my skin, I think it’s funny to be that laid back about your own body. And it made me realize that maybe it’s not that important to have an evidence of how silly you used to be; if you grow up. Of course, you’re going to tell me “when they’re gonna look for a job…”, but maybe that’s the problem: that people still judge other people on what they have on their skin, not on their resume or their mind.
    Moreover, sometimes, tattoos can be fucking amazing and beautiful !
    (And I love dreadlocks…)

    • Bah en fait non, je n’allais pas parler de chercher un boulot puisque le principe de ce que j’écris, c’est quand même de tout prendre au 12° degré.
      Et comme je l’ai dit, moi aussi j’adore les gens qui se font des tatouages stupides ou même des dreadlocks, ils sont comme mon petit rayon de soleil lorsque je m’ennuie, mieux que “confessions intimes” ! ❤

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