Did you just call me fat?

I got my daily Groupon email. Yeah, booh, booh, capitalism, consumption society, holala! Well. For those of you who don’t know about Groupon, basically, it is a great website on which you can buy stuff or service at a really good price, it’s like a good deals’ website.

So, as I said, I received my daily email. They offered a liposuction. I admit it, I had to check in my dictionary that we were all talking about the same thing. Liposuction, liposuccion, yeah, really different. But I simply couldn’t believe it. They were trying to sell me a surgical operation online!

And people actually bought it…

I tried to imagine some situations:

-Oh honey look, a deal on a liposuction, let’s get it for you!

-Yeah, I just bought your Christmas present. Better than the vacuum this time!

-Great, a deal on a liposuction, I didn’t know what to do this week-end and I had this $1,000 that I didn’t know how to use…

-Mmmh, I don’t really want it, but come on, I would save more that $2,000!

Not mentioning the fact that on this ad, you have a woman – or more precisely a woman’s body – and that I’m really upset by this anti-feminism picture. So, guys can’t have liposuction? It’s a women’s thing?

You can also notice a picture of the sea, because everybody knows that Kansas City is so close to the sea, that’s why we have this amazing oceanic climate here.

I seriously don’t get what people had in mind when they bought it, but I really hope nobody bought it as a present for someone else. It’s like offering a toothbrush, except that it’s more expensive.


About Leslie Is Hungry

I’m a French student who decided to stay in the US when she was supposed to go back. Here is my experience as a non-exchange student, as a foreigner, as a woman, as an intern. Welcome to the Amerifrench life!
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2 Responses to Did you just call me fat?

  1. Elléa Bird says:

    Et sinon, cette vidéo?

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